Vehicle Wrapping in Milton Keynes

Vehicle Wrapping in Milton Keynes

At over 3000 impressions a day and starting from as little as £99.00 vehicle graphics & wraps are a No Brainer!

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Does your business involve driving from place to place?


If so, Vehicle Graphics are one of the most cost effective ways to increase your brand awareness. With graphics starting from only £99, free layouts, weekend and onsite installation options, its never been easier to put your brand on the road!

Gain more exposure for your business using a professional vehicle wrapping service in Milton Keynes. Vehicle wraps help promote your products or services anywhere that your vehicles travel at a fraction of the price of other advertising solutions.

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Create a Stronger Impression with Affordable Vehicle Wrapping

A vehicle wrapped with large decals attracts more attention compared to unwrapped cars and vans. No one pays attention to the plain white vans traveling down the road. With custom graphics, your business’ branding and messaging are clearly displayed for all to see.

Vehicle wraps cover most of the body of the car or van, allowing you to add large displays. Along with business contact information, you can add a large logo or even your latest advertising promotion.

A vehicle wrap is highly visible, whether you are driving or parked at a customer’s location. Several thousand people may see your displays each time you or a driver heads out on a job or service call.

Adding a custom vehicle wrap from Hype Signs also makes your car or van more recognisable, which creates more of a professional look. Instead of an unmarked vehicle, your drivers arrive at work sites fully representing your business.

Affordable Custom Vehicle Wrapping in Milton Keynes

Vehicle wraps help you advertise your business. However, if you want to present the right image, you need quality vehicle graphics. At Hype Signs, we use the best materials and equipment to produce durable wraps.

You can also depend on our team to help with the design of your custom wrap, including logo creation and other graphic design considerations. We can ensure that your display is visually appealing and easy for passers-by to read.

We also provide the best pricing and convenient installation. We can even visit your location for on-site installation of your custom vehicle wrap.

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The Nitty Gritty

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do graphics/wraps cost?

Price is always going to be important for business’s and your vehicle graphics will be no different

See below for some rough guidelines or check out our price guide here for a more detailed insight.

Small Vans: Berlingo, Connect, Combo.
Cut vinyl – from £99.00 to £350.00
Wraps and Part Wraps – from £450.00 to £1600.00

Medium Vans: Vivaro, Transit, Expert
Cut vinyl – from £165.00 to £450.00
Wraps and Part Wraps – from £550.00 to £1800.00

Large Vans: Sprinter, Boxer,
Cut vinyl – from £195.00 to £650.00
Wraps and Part Wraps – from £750.00 to £2300.00

What artwork format do you need?

Ideally we would ask for your files to be sent to us in Vector format such as an EPS, PDF or A.I File, Pixel based images such as photos should be sent in original size to maintain as much resolution as possible and preferably set to CMYK colourspace.

In reality we know this is not always possible and if the above made no sense to you whatsoever, no problem, send us what you have and we will assess and advise suitability from there. Unsuitable logos and images can often be redrawn or improved, the most important thing is to get us what you have for assessment.

Do you offer weekend/onsite installs

Getting through your daily list can be hard enough without having to have vans off the road, if your busy during the week we can install your graphics aver the weekend, drop it off Friday night and we will have it ready for Monday morning, no down time, no hassle.

What if we don't have a design?

Dont have a design? No drama. We work with business’s everyday that either don’t have the skills or the time to design their artwork for signs, banners or vehicle graphics.

We are happy to help from basic layouts which are completely free to more advanced artwork and brand creation. This work varies from job to job, just let us know what you have and what you need and if we can’t get it done under our free layouts offer we will put together a cost for you. Remember basic layouts for signs, banners and vehicle graphics are totally free.

Can our new graphics be removed?

We use only high quality materials from suppliers such as Avery Dennison, 3M and Oracal. This is important because a good quality vinyl applied in the correct way will remove with relative ease once you are ready to sell the vehicle or hand it back to the lease company.

Each vinyl has a different lifetime within which it should remove easily (usually between 3-8 years) after this period you may find the vinyl is more difficult to remove without leaving any adhesive residue.

Its important to remember that cheaper low quality vinyls can be very hard to remove even after a short time, always check you are being offered good quality material.

How long does it take?

Time required to install graphics varies depending on complexity. Generally basic cut vinyl graphics will take between 1 and 5 hours.

Wrap work can be a more time consuming process usually requiring the vehicle to be left with us for a minimum of a day, a full van wrap can take a couple of days.

Aproximate timescales are advised when you book in your vehicle.

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