Window Graphics

Window Graphics

Make the most of your unused window space with high quality, promotional window graphics, frosted, full colour or easy peel temporary options available

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If you have windows space that your not using you could be missing a great opportunity


Frosted and etch vinyl create attractive designs and increase privacy while full colour print offers true wow factor.

Were happy to help develop a design that effectively promotes your vision, promotion or event using the the best materials for your specific needs.

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The Nitty Gritty

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have Window Graphics?

Your window space can be a valuable area for marketing, great for long or short term promotions and branding. Window graphics can also help control who can see in and out of the premises and is a great way to limit light levels to certain areas.

With Free site surveys and help with design why not get in touch today to start your windows working for your business?

What artwork format do you need?

Ideally we would ask for your files to be sent to us in Vector format such as an EPS, PDF or A.I File, Pixel based images such as photos should be sent in original size to maintain as much resolution as possible and preferably set to CMYK colourspace.

In reality we know this is not always possible and if the above made no sense to you whatsoever, no problem, send us what you have and we will assess and advise suitability from there. Unsuitable logos and images can often be redrawn or improved, the most important thing is to get us what you have for assessment.

Do you offer installation?

As with all of our products we are happy to install your window graphics to ensure the best possible finish, unless otherwise stated installation will be included in all quotations.

What if we don't have a design?

Dont have a design? No drama. We work with business’s everyday that either don’t have the skills or the time to design their artwork for signs, banners or vehicle graphics.

We are happy to help from basic layouts which are completely free to more advanced artwork and brand creation. This work varies from job to job, just let us know what you have and what you need and if we can’t get it done under our free layouts offer we will put together a cost for you. Remember basic layouts for signs, banners and vehicle graphics are totally free.

What material options do we have?

Window graphics can be made from a number materials designed to be cut into shapes and text or printed for more complex designs

Frosted/Etch Vinyl – this vinyl is great for limiting the publics ability to see in from outside and can have logos and design elements cut into the vinyl to provide an attractive finish, popular with both retail and office premises where it is often used on internal glass walls.

Cut Vinyl– Similar to the frosted vinyl but made form solid colour vinyl to create your branding, best used for simple designs.

Printed Vinyl– Using Printable Vinyl and our Latex printer we can produce complex/photographic style images which can then be applied to either the outside or inside of your glass.

Static Cling– This innovative product can be printed as with the printed vinyl above but can be installed by unskilled persons and even removed and repositioned if required as it does not use adhesive and relies on the inherent static properties of the material to keep the graphics in place, very popular with shops who regularly change there window promotions.

Can our Window Graphics be removed?

All materials used for window graphics can be removed easily within there specified lifetime. Static cling in particular can even be removed and re fitted in a different position. Standard vinyls must be removed within a specific period usually 3-5 years, after this they can still be removed but may prove more difficult leaving some adhesive residue.

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